The Reluctant President

Measured. Professional. Authoritative. Presidential. Safe.

President Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte was…okay.

I expected more.  I expected passion.  I expected fire.  Or did I?  Things have changed a lot since that day in Denver 4 years ago.  Gone was the intensity.  Make no mistake, last night the President made a quality speech.  About the issues that speak to me.  He’s my President. I will likely vote for him again.  It’s just that…there was something missing.

I tossed and turned in bed last night and continued to try to put my finger on what it was about the speech that let me down.  At the end of the day, for me, the speech lacked the heart and soul, the immediacy of speeches I’ve seen this President give in the past.  That Bill Clinton set the bar perhaps too high the day before is inconsequential.  Obama just didn’t bring it last night.  In fact, I haven’t seen him bring it in a while.

Obviously I don’t know the man personally.  But every fiber of my being is certain he is a good, decent, caring and compassionate man.  I am very glad he is our President and hope he gets reelected.  What disturbs me is the lack of passion.  This is not the same man I voted for.  Why?

I want to believe it is because the gravity of being the leader of the free world has sobered Obama.  Whereas Bush forty-three blindly fumbled through his presidency, I really believe Barack Obama gives a damn about what he is doing and how it affects people around the world.  That he reads 10 letters from citizens a night speaks volumes.  I think politician Obama passed away sometime in the last four years and President Obama was born.  I want to believe that the incomprehensible weight of the decisions the man has to make on a daily business has tempered his enthusiasm for hyperbole and rhetoric.  Look at his face in that famous picture where he and his staff are monitoring the Bin Laden mission.  Compare that face to the one of Bush 43 being told the World Trade Center was attacked.

I wanted to see the guy I saw in Denver last night.  That guy didn’t show.  I hope the guy that showed last night continues to grind away at what he cares about for the next four years.  I’m afraid the reality of the responsibilities, of the bitter political in-fighting, of the often frightening daily security briefings, have taken their toll on the man who inspired a nation 4 years ago.  I hope President Obama can reach down, for his own sake, and rekindle some of the fire that he once had.  I hope he can believe in himself again…as so many of us have.


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92 responses to “The Reluctant President

  • Jean

    As a Canadian observing some (not that much) of the U.S. politics, I wish the U.S. makes an intelligent choice for their President this Nov.

    Obama’s voice has probably gotten lost among his advisors and infighting. Plus the big climb up the mountain for health care reform.

    The U.S. has especially divisive politics that does result in very extreme factions that are loud. Quite different from Canadian politics.

    • william wallace

      jean / The canadian govt are going to withdraw their staff
      from their IRAN embassy /they now put out much anti IRAN propaganda as was such similar case before the bombing
      as invasion of IRAQ // with claims IRAQ then had weopons
      of mass destruction / lies which contiued in bringing death
      millions of IRAQI’s killed / man /woman / child /slaughtered.

      To try and place a canadian govt as intelligent or serving
      justice /freedom etc/ is far of the mark.The canadian govt
      its military are responsible for horrific international crimes
      that of such canadian military presence in AFGHANISTAN
      a very clear example of appalling cruel acts of inhumanity.

      • Jean

        True, our current Prime Minister Harper, a Conservative political guy, is narrow and a bit of a strange patsy. In terms of Canadian diplomatic leadership this truly isn’t typically Canadian at all.

      • Matt

        I’m a British citizen, but everything you said there is unsubstantiated and specious. Would you care to bring some evidence with that slander?

      • Jean

        I think you have to understand until Canadian PM Harper came into power, our national position /presence in Afghanistan was part of the peace troops.

        Alot of Canadians do not support an offensive violent position with our own troops in Afganistan.

        However I don’t wish to argue this.

        Just be aware that Canada’s national defense budget is pretty puny. (which is fine by many Canadian citizens who don’t want an unnecessary huge national debt like the U.S.). So we aren’t even in any position to bombard another country on the same scale as the U.S.

        Rather than argue on a blog, better to volunteer for non-profit in the aware to peace, promote disarmament, disable veterans, multi-ethnic/racial/interfaith harmony.

      • Lucky Lucy

        So true Jean, we would always prefer peace. however, when the threats to our lives are as predominate as they are these days, particularly since 9/11 a different narrative must occur. I know and you know that if Canada was attacked, as we were, we would be there for you. To help, to protect and defend. While many persons bemoan the “aggression” of the Us, none hesitate to ask for and receiver our help. Our help arrives in money, charity and military. May the world find its peace in our lifetime.

  • mythoughtsbook

    Michael Obama is trying to get the hype like Hilery Clinton when Mr. Clinton was President of USA.

    • william wallace

      mythoughtsbook / there much truth in your words. The poor girl simply made a bad choice/she could have choosen more wisley
      most saw BARACK for the fraudster he is / yet poor Michael had
      her eyes closed to reality / she having choosen a bad yin in that
      of BARACK a appalling political fraudster, it becomes ever more apparent now to many the fraudster he is / thus he will never get another term in office /the people thankfully rid of him sadly poor
      Michael most like she be blamed by BARACK for election defeat.

  • william wallace

    The reality be BARACK’s one of the biggest political fraudsters in
    having broken every promise in getting his first term in office / he
    but repeats the formula to get another term in office /// ever more
    empty promises / the flagship of promises being Healthcare which
    a total fraud ( the money for such Healthcare Bill only exists within
    the “Twilight Zone” BARACK t’will not be around to take the blame
    he’ll be long gone leaving people with ever more increasing debts.

    Rather than protect the rights of people he removed the few rights
    they had remaining / even the precious right to a just trial removed
    by a stroke of the pen while the nation slept /the ongoing govt 24/7
    media brainwashing but silent unto BARACK’S appalling behaviour.

    BARACK will be in the list of top 10 ( if not the first ) in being that
    of the worst presidents in taking office /he’s a appalling fraudster.

  • projectfelicity

    I have observed the same thing. I hope he finds the fire that is lost, for with that he is invincible.

  • Ollin

    I think that although many of us say that we feel like we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, the president is the only person in the world who can actually say that, and it is true. None of us could ever know what that feeling is like (unless we ran for president.) So I think we should lay off being so harsh on him. If I was him, I’d be sobbing and on the floor, rocking back and forth in my own filth. To carry the weight of the world must require a tenacity very few in history have. His job is no longer to inspire us, it is to lead us. No longer to tell our story, but to make our story. Leave the storytelling to the storytellers, leave the inspiration to action and not words. This is the way forward.

    • william wallace

      Ollin / you are living in the same “Twilight Zone” as the
      funding to pay for the Heathcare Bill. You need awake
      to reality your a human being not a sheep which to be
      fleeced by the likes of fraudster BARACK / it being not
      a black white issue, it be in getting the best in govt not
      keeping the worst as BARACK has repeatedly proved
      in being. Ollin I’m greatly disappointed in you from you
      I expected better. An site I recommend you find on PC
      search is (words of peace) or (words of peace global)
      t’wiil provide much of the learning u have been missing.

  • largemargeuk

    He strikes me as a man who is really afraid that peopel will look at him critically and see….. nothing.

  • Vincent Borgese

    Quite simply, he’s in over his head. Bush was a nice guy and good family man, and so is Obama. However, under both, the country has never been more divided. Bush belongs in Texas on his ranch, and Obama belongs in academia where he can teach theory. Now more than ever, we need a strong leader who can bring differing opinions together and, quite frankly, I don’t care which side of the aisle he or she comes from. Congratulations on you post.

  • madhaus7

    An interesting post, you take a different approach to analyzing President Obama and you raise some good points. If what you say is true, I can only hope that he turns that around should he be re-elected. Being worn down by his brutal occupation is surely understandable but unforgivable in his position. He would need to be the man this country needs and should he not, he is doing an extreme disservice to the nation.

  • free penny press

    Unlike the com mentor who used your post to leave a “political poem” which is not 100% true, i’ll simply say this is a well written post..much for me ( as a BO supporter) to think about and also CONGRATS on being Freshly Pressed!!!

  • ithinkaboutbeer

    I think it may have been intentional. Bill Clinton got to be the firebrand saying whatever he wanted however he wanted. He doesn’t have to run for office, and you don’t have to like him afterwards. I think President Obama wanted to seem more statesman like, dignified. He’s, perhaps, trying to relay that he’s calm and in charge: The President.

    I think he’s a strong leader, but when you have an opposition that has put its own party above the country with the publicly stated goal of making him a one term president, it’s hard to criticize him as ineffective when the wheels of government are being ground to a halt by an opposition that says they want to work together but really means “We will work with you if you abandon your principles and do only what we want.”

    And, frankly, a lot of presidents aren’t as effective in their first terms. You see the real power of their work throughout their second term.

  • luckyineurope

    Along the same lines as ithinkaboutbeer, I really liked Robert Shrum’s take on the Clinton and Obama speeches. The perspective made sense to me, after an initial reaction to Obama’s speech that was comparable to yours. You can see the link to it on my blog ( or originally here (

  • Margarita

    I didn’t find his speech disappointing. Mr. Obama gives good speech and his latest contribution in that pantheon was not only creditable, it was credible, too. I’d like to see that passion in his actions…I appreciate the acknowledgement that much work remains to be done, and that’s where I’d like to see the passion go.

    I hope that in his second term Barack Obama remembers and expresses the meaning of “audacity.”

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  • Doug

    I don’t think POTUS has lost his passion, I think he fears for our democratic process. A day after day, up close, personal, in real time realization of party tribalism trumping practical governance is bound to wear one thin. And I’m sure he wonders, if even he were to win reelection in a walk, will it matter to the Masters of anti-modernity and the low-info rationality revanchist they run with.

    Nice Post

  • edgeledge

    As an observer from Australia I too have seen the reduced passion in Barrack’s speeches and wonder if he is tired of fighting. I am tired of so called journalists portraying things from their own stand point rather than reporting the facts, “don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story”. We have the same problem here, they suggest that a government in deficit is a bad thing, without out looking at the overall economy, if it is still moving then it is not such a bad thing. I think a lot of the issues caused by the GFC, which was the fault of extreme capitalism, are how people are assessing the current administration, this would way heavily on anybody. Looking at it, the stimulus and the propping of the motor industry have been beneficial things. If those measures had not been put in place, like here in Australia, then it is highly likely the situation would be far worse than what it currently is.
    I like your writing style and will spend some more time reading your posts, thank you for sharing.

  • David

    In contrast to the constant blare of hype and flash, it’s healthy to be reminded that this is serious stuff, and it may not get our emotions going until the next piece of hype and flash takes over, but we might slow down long enough to think about why we reacted the way we did. Thanks for sharing your thinking!

  • Lucky Lucy

    The divisive political discourse has become a painful reminder to me that each election elevates the nonsense. Not a BO supporter, I do not believe in any way that he intentionally has led the country into the depths of economic disaster. No one person can do this. It was on its way long before he moved into the White House. Please remember that one of the supposed reasons for the 9/11 attacks was to destabilize the American economy. It worked. Not alone, but it did achieve the desired effect. BO is a decent man. He loves his family and is doing his best, I think. Unfortunately, I don’t think he had the background or the advice he needed to enact his programs. He is in way over his head. Theories, cannot always translate as policy. Can MR do better? Who knows, there is no way to predict the outcome, however, this is not the time to slander and berate, the world economy is on the verge of collapse. We will not be spared. Perhaps MR’s business experience will be able to stem the tide so to speak. This isn’t working, 4 more years of it will be a disaster!

    Please also be aware that “William Wallace” does not represent the predominately conservative viewpoint. While his right to his opinion is protected by amendment, his tone and content are rather inappropriate. At least in the intelligent, mindful and honest conversation.

  • ashanam

    I think you probably have to be a little bit touched to want to be president. Leading the nation just doesn’t seem to go with having a balanced, stable, healthy life. In fact, it seems like a great way to get assassinated or enter cardiac arrest. So that affects my expectations of our presidents. (Just keep it together for four years, man…)

    Maybe the blush is just off the rose for him.

  • rami ungar the writer

    You were by yourself or with a group when you saw the President speak? I was at a watch party, and you could feel the energy in the room when he spoke. A couple of times, I was close to tears, and I don’t usually cry.

  • william wallace

    Michael’s but does enough crying for all.

    Once BARACK in having gone the nation
    t’will not be as divided having been under
    a democrat govt with BARACK the leader.

    Thus its for all to take heart / as it be for
    Michael to stop crying all are capable of
    making mistakes / such the nature of life.

  • paulworthingtonjr

    Only a few men can enter a room and stir uncontrollable excitement. President Barack Obama is one of them. And please believe, he has a firm grip on passion. Congrats on the Freshly Pressed.

  • Andreas Moser

    Bill Clinton had more fire. Heck, Bill Clinton even had more specifics.

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  • Bugg

    Like Electricity (We The People) to the Light Bulb (The President), the Light Bulb shines brightest and longest when the Electricity is unbroken and running full-force. I for one don’t believe that the Light Bulb has lost its brightest, I believe the Electricity has cut back and short its current. We The People of 4 years ago truly need only to look in the mirror to see that we are not at 100% AC/DC… The President has been “ON” since day one.

  • jaimelynchstaunton

    I really liked this, and I think I agree. The pressures of presidency, including all the things he tried to do and had to compromise or stop because of GOP blocks, must be so frustrating. The fact that ‘the people’ dont appreciate all the good his stimulus has done, and the benefits of Obamacare, must be annoying.
    Most of all, though, I think he must be devastated at points where he’s had to break his own principles. I share your view that he’s essentially a good guy, so I have to believe that upon assuming presidency, he saw truly Shocking information that stopped him dismantling Abu Graib and justified his drone strikes and extra-legal actions in Pakistan.

  • itoccurs2me

    I thought it telling when he said he’s not a candidate – he’s the President. I think to him that means acting differently than he might if he were still at ‘candidate status’.

    He now strikes me as quite presidential – but that’s not always a good thing.

    I have this secret hope that is his second term he comes out swinging – and throws all those punches I believe he pulled as part of his agenda to get to a second term.

    Here’s hoping…

    • Conversations With The Moon

      Wow, you nailed my feelings exactly…that the “steel spine” that Biden talks about materializes and he fights for what he, and I, believe in and believe is simply the right thing to do. He had some wins in his first term, but not nearly as much as I had hoped, and I believe to some extent, had led us to believe. Thanks for commenting!

  • Will Endeavor

    Since Kennedy, television media has become a predominant force in our politics. Too bad in a way, though, because we probably would have lost a lot of greats in the oval office. Could Lincoln have been elected these days. I’m sure you can think of many other fine presidents that just wouldn’t have been pleasing to look at or wouldn’t have had that great “rock star” quality.

    Too often, we look to “looks” and general appeal in choosing our leaders rather than taking their thoughts, words, and principles into hand in order to make a decision on who we want to lead us.

  • bravesmartbold

    I felt the same way at first and also realized it’s all a show. Clinton’s a better entertainer. So many of my friends were disappointed and so was I, but then you have to come to terms with reality too, right along with Obama. I’d rather have the realist than the showman.

  • essentjewels

    I think he is being honest and realizes how difficult it has been for him for the past four years. Where as four years ago he didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be because he had never experienced it. Four years ago his motivation was driven by passion which I am certain he still has today, only he is reluctant to show it and is only being cautious.

    • Lucky Lucy

      The pressures of the president are astounding. Look at the photo of any previous President, any before and after and you will see signs of premature aging. From gray hair to wrinkled forehead to change in walking stature, the weight of the office is beyond our understanding. Of course BO is different than he was four years ago! I would really be worried if he were not. And I am not a BO supporter!

  • Grumpa Joe

    People ask me how I can buy the Republican BS. I ask you the same thing. how can you buy into this man’s desire to enslave us with his socialist agenda? Do you really believe you will be better off in that kind of society? I ask you to really think hard about what kind of country you want this to be before you cast your vote.
    I know who I’m voting for, and why.

    • Conversations With The Moon

      Thanks for commenting Joe. I think there is plenty of BS on both sides of the aisle. I disagree that Obama is trying to “enslave us with his personal agenda”. I believe that’s an oversimplification designed by the Republican party (Karl Rove) to frighten the otherwise ill-informed voter. While I’m quite sure you don’t fall into that category, I thank you again for your comment and have given A LOT of thought about what kind of society I want. Our views may be at odds, but I respect your view nonetheless.

      • Liz

        His “desire to enslave us with his socialist agenda” is far from an oversimplification. I’ve done homework to find out what makes BO really tick. As long as the USA is being led by him we will be in quite a sad state of affairs. He is driven by his father’s views and his mentors who have engraved in him a hatred for what America is supposed to be. He promised change and hope, two magic words that should have provided something positive rather than the negative we have received. Albeit an unfortunate hand he was dealt, it came with the territory and he has sprinted in the direction of continued downfall and will continue to do so if re-elected. It’s the lining of what his promises really mean and that lining isn’t silver.

      • Lucky Lucy

        IF he is re-elected, how will he quality additional failure by blaming the “mess ” he inherited? It is his mess! Just thinking outside the excuse box here.

      • Conversations With The Moon

        I don’t think he’s ever promised he would “fix” the mess he inherited in his first term. Healthcare reform took an inordinate amount of his political capital. I’m not sure what “his mess” is? The inability to fix something in 4 years he never promised to fix? Love outside the box thinking though!

      • Lucky Lucy

        I apologize for My lack of specifics. My point of reference is the economy and national debt which truly was a disaster at the time of his election. In an interview (now being played in battlegrounds states) BO stated (during the run) that if he didn’t have the “mess” fixed within the first three years of his term that he would be a one term president. Now, I think we all know that this comment was rather far reaching and almost grandiose, but with increasing debt, his problems have compounded rather than resolved. My prior statement was a wee bit
        “Miss Smartie Pants'” in the sarcasm tone, but, really, what will be the excuse? If he had the answers why wait, why not enact or reveal the plan? I am extremely fortunate in the sense that I have not had to deal with unemployment, no health benefits or surviving on a minimum wage. Of this I am thankful, however, many colleagues are dealing with this, their frustrations are mounting and the conversation veers to panic levels when they consider 4 more years of theoretical solutions to real problems. Example: shovel ready jobs! Snow jobs in my opinion. Many of us, in the conservative aisle, are struggling with our decisions, that is why I decided to read your posts. I feel that you approach the subject fairly rather than with irrational liberal hyperbole. I am not radical in any sense just terribly concerned.

      • Conversations With The Moon

        Thanks again for your comments. I agree that you are not radical in any sense and that is very refreshing. I also agree that his comments were pretty far reaching. I simply believe that during a lame duck term, he might be willing to risk a little more for what he originally believed in and push back against the Republicans a little harder to accomplish his stated mission. I hope so at least 😉

      • Conversations With The Moon

        Liz, I would be interested to see the evidence that has “engraved in him a hatred for what America is supposed to be”. Thanks for your comment!

  • Tom

    I am a firm believer in the Free Enterprise system. Businesses are what create jobs and when you tax them further that’s jobs that are lost. Waiting for the government to hand you your next paycheck makes you nothing more than a dependent… The fact of the matter is that the rich create jobs, jobs create a stimulant for the economy, and then the economy grows…it’s as simple as that and sooner we realize this the better. The Left is on a one way track to completely ruin this country beyond repair and our children and children’s children will end up paying for our stupidity. Do not listen to the Liberal media because it is all manipulated by the ever evil Soros agenda… That being said, thanks for sharing!

    • Conversations With The Moon

      Tom, thank you for sharing. Needless to say I couldn’t more fundamentally disagree with you more. We share completely different visions for what is right for our country and this is what scares me. That our populace is so divided on such a gut level about the solution. I do very much appreciate your post and the civil tone. Have a great day/night!

  • Read Stuff With Me!

    This post really does make you think and comprehend. Thank you for sharing your ideas and disappointment with people because it truly strikes a chord somewhere…and I (though not a citizen of America), admire Obama for his personality, his vision and passion; and I expect to see the ‘real’ him back again!

  • tashaeaton

    Sigh. I just want to say one little thing: this candidate, in comparison, has a full time job while he’s on the campaign trail.

  • writerdood

    Agreed. When I watched the speech, I thought, is it the cadence? Is it the spacing between concepts – the timing? It wasn’t the content, that was largely alright. But it was the delivery. The spark, the fire, the passion and righteous fury and indignation. Clinton gave the speech about working together, about how things used to be. For Obama, it should have started there – this is how things were. Bill talked to you about that. Now I’m going to tell you how it’s been recently, and what it needs to be. Then he should have cut lose. Instead, he seemed to have played it safe – played the politician card. And that made it an “okay” speech, easily on par with Romney’s “okay” speech. Both were “okay.” I’m okay, you’re okay, everyone’s flippin okay. Alright already.

    Whoever gets elected, they’ll be okay. What about the rest of us?

  • dirtnrocksnomo

    Nice post. Too bad your comment thread is overrun by wing nutz already. Rational political discourse and debate is sorely lacking in the US. I can only hope it will improve sooner rather than later.

  • bamamagput

    When President Obama was first elected, people defined “Hope and Change” on a personal level. They heard what they wanted to hear. President Obama has been a solid and sure leader. His decisions have been calm and measured and very thoughtful. Remember how everyone was criticizing him early on, about thinking too long. Imagine, if you will for a moment, a McCain and Palin America… Now that is something to bring one to their senses. It is late in the process and my words are not going to change anyone’s mind, that is not my intent. If Mitt Romney wants to be President of the United States of America, he needs to turn over his tax returns. If he doesn’t care enough about the value of disclosing his financial history like every other President for the last 40 years, he does not deserve my vote. Why would I want to vote for someone who has offshore bank accounts? Every time you hear of some major criminal being arrested, the authorities usually discover offshore bank accounts. To each his own, but American is too important to me to accept less than full disclosure. Maybe there is nothing in his returns that are “bad”, I hope that is the case but until Mitt Romney has been fully vetted, I reserve my vote. Paul Ryan and his idea of “truth” astound me as well. Go figure, if people prefer someone who gives you a fiery speech every time they take the microphone, maybe Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin are the best choices. All I can say those two are not my cup of tea. I prefer solid, sure, and serious Presidents.

  • Joyce

    I thought the same thing. Immediately following his speech one of the PBS commentators remarked that Obama’s speech was one that laid out political philosophy, but that Clinton’s speech was really the highlight of the convention.

    I would like to see more fire and urgency in his rhetoric. I expected that he would take a stand against some of the posturing that has taken place of late, but he didn’t. Then again, one might argue that previous speakers at the convention did that for him, leaving him free to define his ideology.

  • sipsips

    Hear Hear! I believe Obama is a great president, but I do agree, there is something off about him.

  • fromevansridge

    Thank you for this thoughtful post and congratulations on making Freshly Pressed. Last week as I watched the RNC and read the sobering article in the Atlantic by a talented writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates, I found myself depressed by the weight of the negativity, the reality of what this President faces. Then the DNC in Charlotte reminded me of why I got involved back in 2007, what made me decide to make hundreds of calls, knock on doors and have hundreds of conversations about policy. Last Thursday, I sat with about 20 fellow Americans of all colors, in a Convention watch party, most of these people had planned to attend the Convention, but when it was moved indoors, had to make other plans. As we listened to our President, as we watched the reaction, no one mentioned being disappointed, or underwhelmed by his speech, but I understand your reaction. I felt it for a moment…but, as the daughter, wife and mother of military service members (retired and active duty), I get it. None of us have had to look in the eyes of a mother who lost her son or daughter, a child whose lost their mom or dad… That will set the tone for your rhetoric. That will make you quiet.

  • william wallace

    Another term of BARACK is but to take your family on a repeat
    trip aboard the TITANIC heading for the ICEBERG . The reality
    BARACK is but a political fraudster / but a Al Capone of politics.

  • brownponytail

    i found your post very interesting- as a european, not living in america… i speak for myself, but i know that obama is universally liked over here- not just because of his rhetorical charisma, but also because he has proven he is a good leader, that (like you said) cares for his country. i do agree with you that the presidency has taken a toll on his exuberance and idealism, but i guess that’s what running a country, and fixing bush’s mess does to one…
    go obama 🙂

    • william wallace

      brownponytail / BARACK rather than protect the rights of the people’s having did the opposite and removed the few rights
      they had remaining. He gave nought but promises which he
      having never kept his wealthy backers so in awe at his ability
      to lie to cheat as deceiving the the people they awarded him
      a “NOBEL PRIZE”. You say he is liked over here .. you don’t
      mean the middle east / or africa / or europe .. thus over here
      must refer to the BRITAIN. The BRITISH govt are but lackey’s
      unto the USA ADMINISTRATION in serving their USA masters
      have committed appalling criminal acts. As USA the BRITISH
      govt abandoned international law & domestic law / in placing
      themselves above beyond the law abled do as they pleasing.

  • whenquiet

    Did we hear the same speech? President Barack Obama exudes wisdom, character and intelligence and reflects an intense discernment. In this speech, he reflected on the promises he delivered during his present presidency and also touched on so many present concerns affecting America that he will also skillfully tackle via his upcoming victory 2012. Hate, degradation and negativity derive from a demonic spirit. However, those of us who really see by the eye of discernment understand that we do not fight against flesh and blood. Instead we fight against principalities. OBAMA’S SECOND VICTORY flies on the wings of a metaphysical eagle!! Thank you, though, for inciting discussion concerning President Obama’s awesomeness via your FP status.

    • william wallace

      whenquiet / your correct of course / by far the majority see
      BARACK as the fraudster he is / thankfully for the people’s
      of the world he’ll be evicted from office by good americans.

  • Jeremy Truitt

    I wholeheartedly concur with your viewpoint on the issue. Regardless of political standing, President Obama was one of the most captivating, on-fire and passionate politicians the United States has seen in a very long time. That is now lacking in his rhetoric, his speaking and his demeanor. Great post and I look forward to reading more!

  • Stella

    I still see the Denver man in Obama’s eyes.Every time I see his eyes. I think ,as others have said,that the passion and honesty is there,but he has been suppressed by his advisors.If he can break out of that enclosure and let his 2008 personalty dominate,I think we will see that the Denver man is still there.He needs to rely on his own instinct more. And I think if he earns a second term,he will allow that.I think we would see him shine.

    • william wallace

      Stella / He has let his personality dominate / rather than protect
      the rights of the people’s he removed their few rights remaining
      even their most precious of right’s that to a just trial he removed
      by a stroke of the pen. While the nation slept / he robbed them.

      In breaking every promise winning the first term of office he but
      repeats the process with another batch of empty promises / the
      flagship of his promises a “Healthcare Bill” which it’s funds only
      exist in the “Twilight Zone”. By the time people’s see such fraud
      BARACK will be long gone. BARACK needs the female vote / if
      winning such coming election. The “Healthcare Bill” offering all
      to the female / reality the “Healthcare Bill” a illusion put forward
      by BARACK an used car salesman selling cars not roadworthy.

  • NoMorePolitics

    Reblogged this on No More Politics and commented:
    I found this post very heartening and sadly true.

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