Children with Guns and Benghazi

Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens(Ben Curtis/AP)

Whether it is determined that U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed by a reactionary angry mob or by a more opportunistic gang of terrorists remains to be seen.  What doesn’t remain to be seen is the trailer and the corresponding movie “Innocence of Muslims”.

Censor the damn thing. NOW.

This from a liberal.  A staunch defender of the 1st Amendment. Wipe it off the internet.

I’m also a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment and a gun-owner.  Forget the “yelling fire in a crowded theater” exception to the 1st Amendment, let’s try this one.  I own guns.  I see a group of small children playing outside and I hand them a loaded gun.  An intrinsically inanimate object right?  I think most thinking folks can agree with the premise that in and of itself, this loaded gun is safe.  It’s not going to fire and hurt anyone unless a human being takes some action, whether deliberate or accidental, the gun itself is not the threat.  It’s the environment the gun is placed in:  a group of children.  And yet, it’s okay to introduce an equally inanimate object, a video trailer, into an Islamic culture that has a history of violence in response to any/all criticisms of the Prophet Mohammed.  Not all Muslims do…but some. There is precedent.  And it is wrong.

So after I introduce the firearm to the group of children and one is predictably killed, I expect to be arrested and successfully prosecuted for manslaughter, if not murder.  The 1st Amendment protects free speech. It does not protect stupidity or provocative displays that can predictably lead to death.

Is the reaction of the extremist justifiable, or even somewhat understandable.  No.  Emphatically…no!  It is wrong on more levels than I can describe. Was it predictable. Yes. Ask the Dutch cartoonist.  Is censoring the video somehow endorsing the extremist actions by implication. No. It’s saving lives.  Plain and simple. It’s taking the gun away from the children. And for that reason, the wing-nut that made the video, and the equally sociopathic Florida pastor that supports it, need to be arrested and prosecuted.  As surely as I would have for handing the gun to the child.

I may be wrong here…I am pissed. Not nearly as pissed as the family of the four American’s are. Something needs to be done to silence the extremist in our own country before more lives are lost…I’m open to ideas.

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6 responses to “Children with Guns and Benghazi

  • C.K. Hope

    I agree with what you say here. Taking down that video is not a violation of free speech at all. And yes, the maker should be made to accept his share of the responsibility for the deaths of innocent people. Purposely inciting violence is not covered under freedom of speech.

    A friend posted this link to FB this evening, it was good to see something other than all the hate flying around lately:

  • Conversations With The Moon

    Thanks C.K….the link is awesome; retweeted.

  • Lucky Lucy

    I have spent a large portion of the day mulling this all over. This/these events are driven by Hate, the movie trailer was an excuse to exercise the violence of the hate. My reaction was also to remove this video, I still think that has merit, however, when government starts to censor… every caution flag I know goes up.

    If this had not been the motivating factor, there would be another. Then another, so on and so forth. This was a planned and well orchestrated assault ( Lybia ) that I suspect may be the beginning of more. The events in Egypt are rather different, the result of mob mentality. The tragedy lies not just in the deaths of our ambassador and the others,but because it is founded in such profound cultural differences and values of life that I am not sure there will ever be peace in that part of the world.

    Great post.

  • Joyce

    It all goes back to the Florida pastor (Terry Jones)…last year he burned a copy of the Koran which led to rioting in Afghanistan that left 12 dead, including 7 U.N. workers. Now he is said to have backed this incendiary film, which leads to – more violence and more death, this time of Americans.

    The guy can argue all day long that the violent reaction of Muslims on the other side of the world was evil and wrong, but the fact remains that every time he and his cohorts send up a piece of propoganda that mocks Islam, innocent people die. Just think, other people get to die while the film maker gets to go into hiding. How very courageous of them.

    We can pull the film off the internet, but it’s a little hard to unring the bell at this point. What needs to happen is that jackasses like this need to button their lip so that people on the other side of the world who are doing real work can be safe, but that will never happen.

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