His Smile Said It All…

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That moment in the debate when they were discussing financial reforms, and moderator Jim Lehrer cuts off Romney who is again bullying for extra time.  Lehrer cuts him off with “let’s not”…the crowd erupts in laughter and the camera pans to Obama who has the biggest, most welcoming smile you can imagine.  This moment defined the tone of tonight’s debate.

I’ll admit, Romney scored points by not inadvertently writing-off the other 53% of the country, and by definition, this give him a win tonight.  But after not tripping over his own feet, the difference in the tone of the debate was one of style rather than substance. Sadly, most people could care less about substance. Polls confirm this. Both candidates fed the wonks (and I’m among them) with plenty of meat for consumption. What ALL of us could see, was a President and a spoiled child demanding attention at the dinner table.

I’ll admit bias from the gate, but the tone Romney affected was shrill at best, while the President appeared…well…Presidential. It’s a core principle of these debates for the incumbent not to get baited into any emotional arguments and not only did Obama succeed on that point, but he appeared to channel the appearance of a long-suffering, all-knowing parent dealing with an overly emotional petulant child.

Romney’s debate prep team did a good job.  He dutifully spouted out a number of homogenized messages, although sometimes at inappropriate times considering the flow of the moment, but overall, he got his message across.  He just didn’t look that comfortable doing it.  He didn’t look presidential.  Hell, he didn’t even look like a C.E.O. in my estimation.

This was Obama’s debate to lose. Romney walked in as a underachiever and an average performance would be exalted as a big win.  Realizing this, I was worried that Obama could lose big should he make any significant mistakes. He didn’t and in my estimation won big on both substance and style. This won’t sway Romney’s base just as surely as Romney didn’t sway Obama’s base.

The question is this…did the snarky attitude that Romney displayed play well with the undecided and independents.  Did his anti-big government misinformation appeal to that demographic.  I don’t know…I don’t think it appealed to them enough to make a difference but I do know this.  We Obama supporters CANNOT rest on our laurels and underestimate the stupidity of the electorate. VOTE.

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15 responses to “His Smile Said It All…

  • kingmidget

    I certainly hope you’re right. Unfortunately, I found Obama far too tentative and Romney much more in a dominant role … it’s that type of thing that the uninformed, undecided voters will notice, rather than the fact that Romney lied about his proposals, and that Obama was unwilling to sink into the muck with him. This is not what I was hoping to see with this first debate. No deadly blows by either, but, overall, it seemed like Romney was stronger in what matters to the viewing public. Gawd, I hope you’re perspective is the right one.

    • Conversations With The Moon

      I agree. BO was too sedate for my taste…something that has bothered me for some time quite frankly, but I have to give him credit for staying out of the muck. That said, i completely agree with you that a lot of uninformed folks will eat Romney’s pablum up. Hence my encouragement of like-minded individuals to vote!

  • coconutspeak

    Again, I agree with everything you say. That said, polls are saying Romney won the debate 65% to Obama’s 28%. Numbers like that break my heart and your post put it back together.
    Thanks, buddy!

  • Lucky Lucy

    Twist and spin, drink a little more Kool Aid and maybe this will all make sense. When every major lib/dem/ hack even disses the non-presidential president, you blindly blather on, Could it be altitude sickness?

    • Conversations With The Moon

      I comment based upon my personal experience and my own critical thinking. Your comment suggests Fox and Friends have successfully converted another robotic minion…congratulations; you never have to think for yourself again.

      • Lucky Lucy

        As suspected, you draw incorrect conclusions Just because I do not agree with you. I am not a Foxer, but a Political Scientist with an Independent affiliation. BO clearly demonstrated his limited abilities during this debate. I suspect that his coaches, handlers and tutors will buff him up for the next one. Too late, thinking and analytical people have already seen behind the curtain. Sadly, he is not up to the job. Hoping that he was, has led us down a dangerous path economically, defensively and in world view he is not well respected. Can you not see that our dire situation has only been expanded by the current administration. Not just BO, but several others in cabinet positions. History has recorded many such leaders. While their intentions are likely honorable, circumstances dictate outcomes.

      • Conversations With The Moon

        I stand corrected re the Fox comment; however common sense and the current political realities will forgive me for making that mistake. That you state that you are a Political Scientist does not lend any more credibility to your argument. Beyond your hyperbole, document, with verifiable facts, how he “has led us down a dangerous path economically, defensively and in world view he is not well respected”. I don’t buy it. You, as a political scientist, should recognize that a Romney administration is a step back into the mess that you are critical of Obama for not getting us out of fast enough. Can you not see that?

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  • Evie Garone

    Are you serious…you thought Romney looked like a petulant child? Even all your cohorts thought Romney won hands down. I’m sorry, I obviously watched a different debate than you did. I watched CNN and I thought I heard Chris Matthews say he got a thrill up his other leg from Romney! Obama hung his head the whole time, shaking it and acting just like a child be chided by a parent when they are wrong…and NO, I did not watch FOX to get my opinion, I made it all by myself, You on the other hand sound like a large percentage of Obama lovers who even if Jesus Christ himself, or Shiva or Buddah or any of the others came down and told you you were wrong wouldn’t believe it. I wish you luck in the future if Obama wins, hows the economy treating you?You sure sound like you’re better off than you were!

    • Conversations With The Moon

      I am serious. This post was crafted during the debate. I hit the send button as the debate ended. It represents my real-time opinion of the debate as it happened and before the spin machine’s went into high gear. Do I wish, in retrospect, that President Obama had challenged Governor Romney on the plethora of lies he told…absolutely. Do I wish President Obama had not found it necessary to spin the truth as well…for sure. My previous comment regarding Fox was specific to the poster that felt it necessary to attack me personally for posting my opinion. I find it fascinating that many on the right feel the need to “educate” those of us on the left. Here’s the reality: you are not likely to change my opinion of these men and their policies just as likely as I am not likely to change yours. To engage in personal attacks and provocative comments does nothing to further a constructive discourse. I responded in a provocative manner because I will not be intimidated by the vitriol from the right. I can only assume that insecurity drives the need to attempt to discredit another’s honest opinion. I don’t find myself on right leaning blogs leaving provocative comments or personal attacks…it’s pointless. If I don’t like the post, I usually just feel sad and move on…maybe you felt the same, but did find it necessary to reach out and tell me I’m wrong. Well done. And thanks, I am doing fine in this economy and I thank God every day President Obama has taken the measures he has in order to begin the recovery from the economic nightmare brought on by Bush. For those of you impatient that it hasn’t been enough, I suggest you take a good hard look at the mess he inherited and a sober look at the long-term solutions needed to fix that disaster. In conclusion, I love that I have a right to post my opinion…and I love that you have the right to disagree with me. Let’s keep it civil and maybe someday I might even be persuaded by something you say…anything else, and I just switch it off. Feel free to not follow/read my blog if you disagree or it offends you. My father risked his life for both of us to enjoy that luxury…Be well.

  • Evie Garone

    My father also was in WWII and I agree thank goodness we have the right to agree to disagree! I found your site quite by accident when my political blog and yours were both highlighted on someone else’s blog so I decided to read yours! I don’t usually comment on another blog that is so other-side-of-the street politically from me—I just felt moved when I knew I think so diametrically opposite from your side. I guess we are where we are and never the twain shall meet. I will leave it there….just one thing…did you know that liberals and conservatives have been shown to use different parts of the brain differently, it’s interesting….we really are different! Good luck to you….

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