Presidential Debate, Part Deux (and the new guy)…

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Entering the debate tonight, I started to suspect that my guy, President Barack Obama, was a man defeated.

I’m not suggesting the guy is giving up, I’m suggesting that through the circumstances of his presidency, this man has lost his spark.  He’s lost the perhaps naive belief that REAL change is possible.  He’s been on the job for almost four years now and he found out that the entrenched bureaucracy in the beltway did not necessarily share his views in 2008.  What may have really pissed  him off was the nascent opposition from his own party.  Nancy Pelosi did not turn into the partner he had hoped.

I can’t say that I blame him, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the old Obama.  I think a lot of us miss that guy.  The question started to circulate after the last debate:  does this guy want this job?

I think he answered that question tonight.  I think he found a little of the old mojo tonight.  Not the same guy for sure.  Not the Obama of 2008 but the man wants the job.  I think he deeply believes in his ideology.  I think he believes he’s the right man for our country and I also believe, whether deep down he wants the job or not, he knows that a Romney administration would lead to disaster.  So maybe it’s a defensive reflex that is driving him now, but whatever…I’ll take it.

Whoever the new guy is that showed up at the debate tonight, I like him. I like the way he thinks, I like the way he acts.  I truly believe the President is a decent guy that strives to do the right thing…to build consensus where he can and to help as many people as he can. Perhaps a bit jaded, but compassionate and honest nonetheless.  I cannot say that about Romney without laughing out loud.  Those ideas simply do not equate with this man.  The man has proven to be a hula hoop of policy…spinning round and round and willing to change his positions, and play loose with the truth as it suits his needs and the polls.  The President was spot-on when he called him out on it and said it’s simply not true.

At the end of the day (night) I felt that President Obama did an admirable job of expressing his position in as truthful a manner as possible.  The fact checkers will record that Romney did not…again.


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2 responses to “Presidential Debate, Part Deux (and the new guy)…

  • coconutspeak

    Thank you so much for this post. I agree that 4 years in the White House has changed Obama. That said, he was tougher and still presidential tonight. I like this version of Obama as well. By the way, I too feel Romney has no credibility. He changes his platform like he changes his magic underwear.

  • smilingtoad

    My thoughts precisely. Excellent entry, every word of it. I too mourn a bit for the Barack Obama of 2008, but I am definately jiving with the President I saw in this past debate. Wonderful post, cheers,

    Autumn Jade

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