The Silent Majority No More.

I confess…ye of little faith.  I didn’t think we’d do it.  I bought into the notion that our nation had turned into a cacophony of illiterate voices led by the pundits at Fox.

I was wrong.  There is still a slight majority of educated, critical thinking voters willing to make their votes heard and yet again turn back the tide of idiocracy that still threatens our republic.

Thank you…to each of you that voted.  And if you didn’t vote for my guy, thank you for participating in our democracy and I strongly urge you to seek out a new source of news in the next four years.  I’ve shut off MSNBC and Current and I would ask you to do the same.  Shut off Fox…unsubscribe to the WSJ and the Washington Times.  Find a moderate voice that produces facts not hyperbole.

Republicans:  To be legitimate in the future, purge your party of the Tea Party extremist and find the voice of reason within you midst, evaluate your core beliefs and seek out that candidate.  If you do so you will remain vital, but now, you are a rudderless ship.

Democrats:  Stop the BS…get to work and build a consensus.  If you are obstructed, call them on their BS and make a case for removing the obstructionist.  Stop compromising your core beliefs to score political points but do be willing to find common ground and work with the moderate Republicans.  Expose the extremist.  Educate the uninformed and be willing to take political risks to do it.

President Obama:  Lead this country with the fire and passion you demonstrated in your speech last night.  We miss it and our nation needs that.  Engage the people…let your cabinet lead…communicate more.  You are a good man.  Don’t be afraid to take chances…now is the time!

Thank you.

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Divorced father of two amazing young adults. College student, plodding away at a liberal arts degree. Formerly a Fire Captain and Paramedic. Dabbler in fashion. Liberal. Believer in Karma. View all posts by Conversations With The Moon

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