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I live in Southern California, so I’m flat-out lying about it being a snow day, but it’s the next best thing.

I showed up at work this morning and they told me to GO HOME. And not in the “and here’s your last check variety” kinda go home.

Turns out, because Monday was a paid holiday, I was scheduled off today and forgot to note that in my brain. A good kind of miss if you ask me. I’ve already ridden ten miles on the bike and plan on just goofing off the rest of the day until 6 pm rolls around and I can watch my beloved LA Kings beat the lowly San Jose Sharks in game 7 of their NHL playoff series.

But wait, there’s more…

I finished my final research paper for my last class yesterday (had I known I had today off, I would have procrastinated, so another win for me) and I won’t be going to summer school, so I have the whole summer off. This means I’ll be blogging more often and working on the two books I haven’t had a chance to touch since school.  I may also crank out a few short stories for a local competition.

I’m really looking forward to getting back into my WP site here and have really enjoyed the friendships and wonderful blogs that I’ve discovered. Happy Birthday WP and here’s to another 10 years.

It’s already in the high 80’s…I’m lovin’ this snow day…might actually go to the beach.

Um, HELLO…Cue the Outrage

Eric Holder

(Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. received a formal complaint from the Associated Press over the monitoring of journalists’ communications. (Molly Riley / Associated Press / April 18, 2013)

New York Times correspondent Declan Walsh was unceremoniously booted from Pakistan on the eve of their historic elections.  The publisher of the Times sent the Pakistani government a terse letter of objection stating, among other things, that silencing a free press does little to further the government’s efforts towards democracy and transparency.

You know…just like here in the United States.

Our government would never do something like this.  They would never encroach upon the sanctity of the fifth estate.

A free and independent press is vital to our form of government.

Unless of course it’s America, version 9/11.o  Then folks, all bets are off…

Guantanamo, suspension of due process, torture, drone assassinations. What’s a little illegal spying on the press gonna hurt?

I’m a liberal and a lifelong Democrat. This was my President.  This was the guy that brought me to tears at his first inauguration.  The man who inspired such hope in me…

I’m done…this is also the President that allows this illegal nonsense to continue.  It is NOT okay to take a dump on our rights. It is NOT okay to allow the IRS to become politicized, and holy hell…IT IS NOT OKAY TO SPY ON THE PRESS!!!

Ameristan, here we come…

So This Happened…


(Photo courtesy Randal Phenning via Thousand Oaks Acorn)

Yep, that’s my hometown.

I’m okay…no lives lost…no homes lost.

Media, as usual, butchered the coverage, providing a liberal dose of misinformation and ill-informed speculation.

Too bad, because a lot of people were counting on some accurate information today and I got to see up close and personal the effects of “infotainment”.   It’s a damn shame.  At one time, we could count on our news media to provide accurate information at times of crisis, both nationally and locally…not so much anymore.

And as usual, Twitter and social media proved to be my most accurate source of reliable information.


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