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The Jihadist Next Door…

It’s the smile and the wave.  The friendly hello.  They look like your neighbor…because they are.

They suffer from a profound inability to think critically and they are wracked with fear. I’d like to think that’s what’s wrong.  I’d like to think that’s what drives these domestic terrorists to carry out their daily jihad’s…their acts of intimidation…their public displays of intolerance.

It started about a year ago. Usually a Tuesday. A lone man and his sign in front of our local Planned Parenthood. The sign’s message an indication of their agenda: “Murder is happening here.”

I drove by a few times and shook my head in disbelief.  His demeanor became increasingly more aggressive and one day I honked and flipped him off.  While it provided me a nanosecond of basic relief from my anger, I immediately regretted it. Not because the fuck stain didn’t deserve it, but because for a moment I had become him.

The jihad is in full effect today. There are a variety of vacant-eyed men and women in front of the clinic…daily now.  Part of my daily cycling route takes me no more that a few feet from them. They smile. They wave. They say hello. I say nothing.

I want to react. I want to spit…to take a swing. To explain to them that they and their brethren are the best argument FOR abortion. I do not.

It’s what they want. If I react…they win. They’ve succeeded in getting someone to listen. If I react, it gives them another reason to crawl out from their fear filled spiritual hole every morning, load up their cars with their signs of hate, and spend another day attempting to intimidate young women and men from obtaining health care. And yes in some cases that includes abortion.

I have no issue with your opposition to abortion. I have great issue with your agenda. An agenda that kills women. And will continue to kill women if legal abortion is outlawed.

And I particularly have a problem when I see you yelling at these young men and women as they exit their cars and attempt to take care of themselves…to seek medical care.

If that is my son or daughter you are yelling at, I will react and I will lower myself to your level. But I can’t…because again, that’s what you want.

I intended on taking a video of your inhumanity and including it in this post, but I knew it would stir a psychotic excitement within your dead souls that would only convince you of the “rightness” of your cause.

But I will continue to ignore you and hope enough of my community does the same, so you will become victims of your own despair and simply wilt away…

God rest your souls…you are truly the living dead.

“If You Don’t Dump Obamacare, I’m Gonna Take My Government and Go Home”

So says the Rand Paul’s and Ted Cruz’s of the world.

That is if your world happens to include extremist Tea Party wing nuts. Yes…wing nuts.

I’m okay if you advocate smaller government and lower taxes. I’m okay if you prefer a more conservative social agenda.

I can even stomach views that to me are patently uninformed and socially irresponsible.

I’m not okay with you taking your vote and going home. NOT legislating. NOT compromising. NOT seeking a solution.

Agreed, we liberals let you walk over us for some time since the Reagan era, and right now my man Obama has no real reason to kowtow to your fanatic demands.

Obama was reelected. The MAJORITY of voters want Obamacare. That you don’t is immaterial. We liberals suffered through two terms of arguably the most inept president in history (W). You need to compromise and vote for a budget…NOW.

The Republican party has been hijacked by the Tea Party extremist. And that makes me sad for them. I believe a healthy democracy thrives when there is a vital difference of opinions–a political yin/yang.

What we have here are a conglomeration of politicos so out of touch with reality that for them to throw a tantrum and shut down the government is no big deal. But it is…it’s a damn big deal for those federal employees not receiving their paychecks. For those CITIZENS…you remember them…those members of our “supposed” representative form of government that YOU WORK FOR…those citizens who are suffering because of your childish philosophical tantrums.


Grow up or get the hell out. NOW.

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