An Open Letter to Richard Sherman


I’ll confess my bias from the start.

First of all, I didn’t know who you were until yesterday. My son, who plays H.S. football, despises you for your actions on the field.

Second, as a fan, the Seahawks are my least favorite (read: most hated) team. For a multitude of reasons beginning with Pete Carroll and Golden Tate and the game last year against my Packers.

So there are my subjective impressions from the get-go.

I was devastated by the last play of the game. I saw your on-field antics (the hit, the choking sign).  This did not endear you to me as a professional athlete. Oh, and let me say this also: although I’m a Niner fan, I despise Kaepernick for the same type of hubris and bravado that he displays as well.

So it’s with these bias’ that I see this:

My jaw dropped. An angry and ego soaked declaration of your prowess…

And horrible sportsmanship. This video served to solidify my impression of you as an arrogant, over-paid jerk.

The reaction on Twitter and the internet was swift. Some calling for your head and others applauding you for your passion and candor. Erin Andrews had your back; defending your passion as being in “the heat of the moment.”

Others, apparently, displayed their profound ignorance and racism in a series of attacks on you based on the color of your skin.

I categorically denounce these uneducated bigots. There is absolutely NO place for that in any public (or private) discourse.

Here’s the deal Richard…at the end of the day, you acted like a jerk. The hit on Crabtree, the choking sign, the testosterone-laced diatribe with Andrews. It all could have been handled differently and you would have come out of this cementing your position as not only one of the best defensive players in the game, but for the educated, and thoughtful man that you clearly are.

Your blog post today is a refreshing insight into the type of man you are off the field. Humble, grateful, caring.

Why not bring that side of you into the game and into the media? Why not let young men know it’s okay to be a good sport. It’s okay to respond to the taunts of the opposition with humble regard and sportsmanlike sentiment.

I know I’m probably in the minority here, as hundreds of pundits have applauded your spontaneous display of emotion. I like emotion too Richard.

But I like the guy I see in the blog better…the guy praying for his wounded opponent…the guy calling out his own fans for their boorish behavior…that’s the guy I can become a fan of…

You’ve got two weeks to foment your reputation.

I hope the guy in the blog responds.

Best of luck my friend…

About Conversations With The Moon

Divorced father of two amazing young adults. College student, plodding away at a liberal arts degree. Formerly a Fire Captain and Paramedic. Dabbler in fashion. Liberal. Believer in Karma. View all posts by Conversations With The Moon

3 responses to “An Open Letter to Richard Sherman

  • kingmidget

    I’m sooooooooo tired of the trash talking in sports. All these guys do is demonstrate that they have no class. Humility is becoming more and more a dirty word.

  • Joe

    “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone…” John 8:7. Here’s a novel idea: How about people (Maddy?) stop judging everybody else and actually focus on themselves and THEIR OWN behavior for a change? Are you all perfect like Jesus? I’m not judging any of you, but I’m guessing that would be a definitive “No.” The only thing he (may have) truly hurt were 49ers and Seahawks hater’s hearts, along with his national reputation. If you have a child and think that his behavior was unacceptable and/or deplorable, then use it as a teaching moment to your kids about humility, passion and winning with style and grace. His actions are his problem to deal with now, so how about you all look in the mirror before passing judgement? Better yet, let God do the judging, while you live your life the best you possibly can, which includes not judging others. It might pay off for you one day. Maybe.

  • Judgment Day…or Richard Sherman: Part Deux | Conversations With The Moon.

    […] the word ‘troll’ Joe before launching another salvo) engaged in a classic attack on my post accusing me of judging Sherman.  The offense comes in two parts: 1) Blatantly judging me while […]

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