The Sport that Cried Wolf…

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I, along with millions of other erstwhile Soccer/Futbol enthusiasts, dutifully tuned in…or at least collegially kept up with, the World Cup tournament in Brasil. We were treated to a relatively deep run by the Team USA and some extraordinary individual performances by athletes from around the world.

We were also treated to a professional “sport” devolving ever closer to professional wrestling.

Yes, I’m referring to the staged “performance art” called WWE or WWF or whatever iteration it has taken on these days.

FIFA…I’m lookin’ at you. Square in the eyes in fact.

Your “brand”…your sport is becoming ever more increasingly difficult to watch, much less enjoy. Aside from the spectacular performances of some, the overall tone of this Cup has been flooded with flops. Oh, did I forget to mention borderline conspiratorial officiating.

I guess I should lower my expectations. After all, the World Cup is run by an organization rife with documented corruption and profound human rights abuses. The 2018 games hosted by the Russian Federation and their charismatic dictato…er…leader, Vlad Putin should be a real hoot.

The 2022 games in Qatar have set the bar below the horizon for widespread bribery and immigrant worker deaths in preparation for the games.

So it is against this bleak backdrop that I appeal to these neer-do-wells to clean up their sport.

Stop the flop.

My primary sport of choice…NHL Ice Hockey, is the antithesis of this widespread sissification. Hockey players play with broken bones, bloody stitches, and this year, Dallas Star player Rich Peverley died…yes DIED on the bench. After he was revived and on the way to the ER, his first words were “Can I go back in”.

That my friends…is what sport is all about. Competition. Guts. Honesty. Integrity.

Everything this World Cup has lacked.

The floppers are hurting themselves as well as the sport. Brazil star Neymar catches a knee in the back and goes down screaming…LIKE A HUNDRED PLAYERS BEFORE HIM…and the medical staff, with a liberal wink and nudge, casually toss him on a litter. Never mind the fact that he ACTUALLY broke his back. This is where a player will get hurt and where their histrionics will damage other players. Stop crying wolf lads…

Enough. My son’s girlfriend is an accomplished high school (now collegiate) Soccer player. She’s disgusted by this effeminate display of sportsmanship.

You’re losing me guys…the casual fan. But more importantly, your losing the millions of AYSO players that live for this sport.

Time to clean it up.


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Divorced father of two amazing young adults. College student, plodding away at a liberal arts degree. Formerly a Fire Captain and Paramedic. Dabbler in fashion. Liberal. Believer in Karma. View all posts by Conversations With The Moon

6 responses to “The Sport that Cried Wolf…

  • kingmidget

    There was a play in today’s Brazil-Colombia game where the Colombian player was played for a high kick. His foot connected with the Brazil player’s head. Slightly. A very glancing blow to the back of the player’s head. That player immediately grabbed his face as though he had been kicked in the face and screamed in agony. It does get frustrating watching the flops and the screams and the rolling around by players who bounce back up and continue to perform for the rest of the game.

    • Conversations With The Moon

      We all see it. We all know it’s bogus. Nobody (FIFA) does anything to end it. Frustrating indeed.

      • kingmidget

        The other part that drives me crazy are the delay tactics that are all too frequently allowed by referees. Substitutions that take one minute. Goal kicks that take forever. Goalies holding on to the ball for more than five seconds. It’s almost as bad as the NBA in the way that rules are ignored.

      • kingmidget

        One more thing … when Neymar got hurt, I kept thinking if he really did hurt his back, they’re doing a horrible job of caring for him. Not sure what the right protocol is with a back injury and the guy laying on his stomach, but I’m pretty sure that it isn’t indelicately rolling him onto a stretcher and then jouncing and bouncing him along as you carry him off the field.

      • Conversations With The Moon

        That is EXACTLY what I was thinking and partially, what prompted this post. As an ex-paramedic, I can assure you this would be considered gross negligence on the part of the medical staff. But as I noted, how can you blame them? If they took the time to prophylactically treat every “man down” according to established guidelines, the elusive “extra time” would lead to another 90 minutes at least. The whole thing is a train wreck in my opinion.

      • kingmidget

        Yep … I love that the clock never stops, but it leads to a lot of things that damage the game and put the players at risk. That, and the rule that there can be only three substitutions per game. I wonder how many concussed players have stayed in a game because of the substitution rule.

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