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The Trump Train Rolls on…

So “The Donald” has swept Super Tuesday and pundits are anguishing over how in the world this has happened.

The Republican establishment is falling over themselves wondering how this guy has run the table.

I’m cracking up over here: how the Republican party can wonder how this paragon of dysfunction and hate has ascended to the throne of their party mystifies me. Are they that clinically incapable of self-awareness? Everything their platform and party has stood for in at least the last generation has led to this. I think they are just surprised it took this long…it’s like pouring lighter fluid on the campfire and wondering how-in-the-hell did the flame back up the stream and blow us to smithereens?

It’s genuinely frightening that a wannabe fuhrer like Trump is one general election away from the presidency, but I remain confident that what makes him appealing to the frightened masses, is exactly what will energize the segment of our population that is…well…rational…to trounce this clown come November.

If not…well, I can only imagine a variety of cataclysmic scenario’s up to and including a potential military coup should “The Donald” actually become commander-in-chief. I realize this sounds alarmist, but Trump sweeping Super Tuesday would have seemed alarmist a year ago. So there’s that.

At the end of the day, if “The Donald” becomes our next President, it will be entirely what we deserve. It should be no surprise. We’ve been asleep at the switch and sitting on our hands, and votes, for FAR too long.


Oh Barack…wherefore art thou?


Bam! Bazinga! Booyah!  That’s what I’ve been waiting for.  For the President to get off his ass and respond to the hyperbole being slung at him by the right-wing nut jobs.  We got it from the President last night…only…

It wasn’t the current President.  No, the man who finally laid to rest all the BS from the Tea Partiers, the Hannity/Beck wannabees and the far right-wing of the conservatives, was ex-President Bill Clinton.

In a speech that can only be described as masterful, Clinton cogently outlined, piece by piece, the argument for reelecting Barack Obama. The argument for voting for the Democratic platform vs. the Republican platform.  The argument for doing the right thing and moving our country forward rather than backward.  The reality of the last four years versus the mythology.  The arithmetic.

I am disappointed on a daily basis by the retro-neanderthal ideology spewed by the dominant factions of the Republican party.  I SO wish there was a moderate element in that organization that could gain traction…hell if they could feature someone with an ounce of common sense and some compassion, I might even vote for him/her.  But all I see and hear are extremes.  I actually pity the moderate Republicans.  There are a lot of good people who cringe when Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney deliver their “non” fact based pitch.  I know I am when the Democrats do the same.  There was a lot of crap slung in Charlotte by my party last night and I recoil from it.

But when Clinton took the stage…the tears started.  The same tears that flowed four years ago in Denver when I was energized by the promise Barack Obama offered.  I want that back…I want that energy and enthusiasm and that commitment to do the right thing.  Stand by your principles man and stand up for what you have accomplished.  Bill has…and you can tonight.  Don’t let us down…



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