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The Trump Train Rolls on…

So “The Donald” has swept Super Tuesday and pundits are anguishing over how in the world this has happened.

The Republican establishment is falling over themselves wondering how this guy has run the table.

I’m cracking up over here: how the Republican party can wonder how this paragon of dysfunction and hate has ascended to the throne of their party mystifies me. Are they that clinically incapable of self-awareness? Everything their platform and party has stood for in at least the last generation has led to this. I think they are just surprised it took this long…it’s like pouring lighter fluid on the campfire and wondering how-in-the-hell did the flame back up the stream and blow us to smithereens?

It’s genuinely frightening that a wannabe fuhrer like Trump is one general election away from the presidency, but I remain confident that what makes him appealing to the frightened masses, is exactly what will energize the segment of our population that is…well…rational…to trounce this clown come November.

If not…well, I can only imagine a variety of cataclysmic scenario’s up to and including a potential military coup should “The Donald” actually become commander-in-chief. I realize this sounds alarmist, but Trump sweeping Super Tuesday would have seemed alarmist a year ago. So there’s that.

At the end of the day, if “The Donald” becomes our next President, it will be entirely what we deserve. It should be no surprise. We’ve been asleep at the switch and sitting on our hands, and votes, for FAR too long.


Pins and Needles

Seriously, it shouldn’t be this close.  I shouldn’t be this stressed.  How is it possible that my President is even in a race with a lying Neanderthal who literally will say anything to get elected?

I blame my guy, Obama.  You had four years to make your case.  Clearly, you failed.  Oh, I don’t think your policies failed, but you clearly underestimated the stupidity of the electorate and the power and influence of Fox “News”.  We all need to take this threat seriously and Mr. President, you need to take the lead.

If you are elected, use the next four years (among other things) to educate your constituency and your haters…don’t compromise if you truly believe in your platform as you have promised, and use your bully pulpit to call out these fundamental wing nuts for what they are, unpatriotic psychopaths with an agenda that will throw our country into chaos.

Pissed much?  Yeah, just a little.  I’m really disappointed that I live in a country that sustains an organization like Fox that serves no other purpose than to advance the ideological and economic agenda of corporate America and the entitled, rich white men at the helm.  It disgusts me.  Oh, now I’m a socialist?  I prefer pragmatist with a heart.

Please President Obama, if you squeak this one out, use your lame duck term to do your best to put an end to this hatred.  Call it what it is…expose the truth for the conspiracy that it is.  If you don’t, we are destined to suffer again like this in four more years.

Breaking News: There Are No Winners in the 2012 Election

The final Presidential debate this evening will likely create a poll-spike for whichever candidate “wins” the contest.  In November, we will be presented with the final “winner” (barring a Florida debacle, as this one may be close too).

I don’t see either party “winning” in November.  I’m hoping President Obama is reelected for reasons previously stated, but if he is, I won’t feel like we or I “won”.  Why not?  If experience is any guide, and recent experience is taken into account (Clinton second term) an Obama second term is sure to be rife with political discord and social ugliness.  I’ll be the first to admit that I am as entrenched in my positions and beliefs as the committed Republican voter.  I’ll also allow that I am willing to listen to reasoned and measured rhetoric from a centrist viewpoint.  I’m willing to vote Republican if they proffered a middle-of-the-road candidate.  Their party appears so fractured I don’t think I have to worry about that happening anytime soon…and therein lies my worry.  The conversation has become so fractured…there is very little compromise, agreement, compassion or empathy on either side of the aisle.

I’d like to think the next four years under President Obama will bring the kind of success, change and hope he promised in 2008.  I deeply believe he’d like to but I’m afraid what he will encounter instead is a widening fissure among the electorate and the elected representatives.  Hang on for four years of political in-fighting and worse.  With the influx of Neanderthal idiots such as Rep. Todd Akin, the landscape isn’t about to do a sudden moral about-face.  We are in for some tough times…politically and socially.

Don’t believe me?  Check out some of the hate speech and nasty rhetoric on the Right.  If their boy Romney isn’t elected, this (okay, I’m going to break a cardinal rule here and generalize) widely uneducated group of neocons will erupt in a media-frenzied cacophony of hate speech and half-truths…and many outright lies that will not be challenged by the (and I really despise this phrase) “mainstream media”.

We saw just a hint of it under Clinton when they latched onto Monicagate and rode that into impeachment proceedings…never mind his sexual pathos had NOTHING to do with his generalship of our nation.  Think that was ugly?  What’s likely to transpire next will make that seem like child’s play.

I believe we are on the cusp of this cultural war because I will feel just as passionate (but hopefully not as immature or reactive) if Romney is given the keys to the kingdom.  I believe that Presidency would ignite the sometimes long forgotten flame of liberalism that is generally relegated to the privacy of the voting booth.  I know I will take appropriate and legal action to make sure he remained a one-term President.

I wish it wasn’t like this.  I wish whoever is elected could garner a consensus of the populace and govern in a bipartisan manner. Those days are over.  We find that we come together as a nation in times of national tragedy, as in 9/11, but we also saw how short-lived that political capital is if it’s used spuriously.  Let’s hope it doesn’t take that kind of event to draw us together, but I sure don’t have a lot of optimism that this chasm will be bridged any time soon…

His Smile Said It All…

(courtesy DailyBeast.com)

That moment in the debate when they were discussing financial reforms, and moderator Jim Lehrer cuts off Romney who is again bullying for extra time.  Lehrer cuts him off with “let’s not”…the crowd erupts in laughter and the camera pans to Obama who has the biggest, most welcoming smile you can imagine.  This moment defined the tone of tonight’s debate.

I’ll admit, Romney scored points by not inadvertently writing-off the other 53% of the country, and by definition, this give him a win tonight.  But after not tripping over his own feet, the difference in the tone of the debate was one of style rather than substance. Sadly, most people could care less about substance. Polls confirm this. Both candidates fed the wonks (and I’m among them) with plenty of meat for consumption. What ALL of us could see, was a President and a spoiled child demanding attention at the dinner table.

I’ll admit bias from the gate, but the tone Romney affected was shrill at best, while the President appeared…well…Presidential. It’s a core principle of these debates for the incumbent not to get baited into any emotional arguments and not only did Obama succeed on that point, but he appeared to channel the appearance of a long-suffering, all-knowing parent dealing with an overly emotional petulant child.

Romney’s debate prep team did a good job.  He dutifully spouted out a number of homogenized messages, although sometimes at inappropriate times considering the flow of the moment, but overall, he got his message across.  He just didn’t look that comfortable doing it.  He didn’t look presidential.  Hell, he didn’t even look like a C.E.O. in my estimation.

This was Obama’s debate to lose. Romney walked in as a underachiever and an average performance would be exalted as a big win.  Realizing this, I was worried that Obama could lose big should he make any significant mistakes. He didn’t and in my estimation won big on both substance and style. This won’t sway Romney’s base just as surely as Romney didn’t sway Obama’s base.

The question is this…did the snarky attitude that Romney displayed play well with the undecided and independents.  Did his anti-big government misinformation appeal to that demographic.  I don’t know…I don’t think it appealed to them enough to make a difference but I do know this.  We Obama supporters CANNOT rest on our laurels and underestimate the stupidity of the electorate. VOTE.


I actually feel bad for the man. Much like the replacement NFL referees, here is a man utterly and completely out of his league. It wasn’t that the videotaped comments were so much incorrect, as he staunchly stood by his statements; it’s that he is out of touch with both his constituents and the electorate as a whole.

Mitt Romney wants to be your king. Not your president…your king. Monarchy. That’s what he aspires too and that’s what he is suited for. Wealthy, entitled, privileged…all the earmarks of Monarchy.

The problem is Monarchy doesn’t flow too well with the Republican doctrine (think small government) and for those independents and third partiers whose votes may still be up for grabs.  I’m pretty sure the statement that “my job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives…” will not resonate with those folks. It’s demeaning and divisive. It’s a peek into the psyche of a man out of touch with the majority of the people in this country who live paycheck-to-paycheck.

That Romney so far has conducted a disastrous campaign on just about every level leads one to the logical assumption that if he can’t avoid a train wreck leading up to his presidency, that the actual presidency won’t fare much better.

And it’s a telling insight into the man himself. Yes, there are cold, dispassionate realities to every campaign and yes, there must be a calculated pandering to these realities. I just don’t see Bill Clinton or Barack Obama making this kind of off-the-cuff statement. I don’t believe it’s who those men are as human beings and leaders.  And that is the kind of leader I want: imperfect for sure, but empathetic, ethical (within the political framework) and kind, compassionate human beings that actually feel pain.

Indeed, we do have a choice this election. I can’t imagine a clearer distinction.


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