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I Can’t Even…

As I enter the twilight of my junior college career–getting ready to embark on my final push towards my bachelor’s degree at an as yet undetermined university–I find myself paralyzed. Dumbstruck not by the variety of academic choices that lie in front of me, not by the awesome responsibility of choosing just HOW much debt I intent to incur over the next seven years (2 years BA, 5 yrs PhD program), and not by the use of the Oxford comma (see what I did there?).

No, indeed since November 8th of 2016 I’ve been awed…metaphorically frozen by the, and I use this word judiciously–“reality”–of just who has been sworn in as President of the United States. I guess, like any victim of trauma, I’ve used self-delusion as a defense mechanism. But tonight, while doing laundry during a break from studying The Iliad, I heard an NPR announcer say the phrase: “President Trump.” Obviously, I’ve heard this before, but for some reason, tonight, it hurt. It was surreal. A moment of panic set in and I literally wondered if I had either died, or was suffering from some form of parallel universe awareness. This simply can’t be…

Today, the director of the FBI stated, in no uncertain terms (Don, this means NOT fake news), that the administration of the sitting President of the United States is under criminal investigation for his alleged campaign ties to a foreign government. The Russians. As a child of the cold war, this chills me to the bone. But perhaps the most chilling “reality” is the seeming lethargy with which this news has been greeted by my fellow countrymen.

Let’s review: the republican nominee, and eventual electoral college victor, our now sitting President, is the subject of a criminal (read: treason) investigation for alleged collusion with the Russians to, among other things, affect the outcome of the presidential election.

I’m not going to parse this with anyone, nor do I intend to build a case against him. I believe the investigation alone speaks volumes.

What I do demand is an immediate, and serious examination of the evidence to begin articles of impeachment of this man, and, pending the outcome of the FBI’s (and hopefully a special prosecutor’s) investigation, a constitutional evaluation of the propriety of the last election by our Supreme Court. The buck has never stopped “here” with Trump and it’s pretty clear that the dysfunction has metastasized within his government. I’m calling for the Court, again pending satisfactory evidence of duplicity and criminal wrongdoing, to call for another election.

There is simply too much at stake to allow this narcissistic, impending indicted criminal to continue to govern. Consider the ACA and the wide-ranging effect Trump’s Federal Judge appointee’s can have on our country for decades to come. We can all see the writing on the wall here…let’s quit pussy-footing around the issue and stop calling this man our lawfully elected “President.” Bill Gates visited Trump today to discuss “the internet” today. I was outraged. It’s time for people of conscience to let the emperor know his fat ass is naked for all the world to see.  Government leaders and those in power need to stop entitling this man and his corrupt machine. Call a spade a damn spade.

“President Trump”…I can’t even.



If You Have Any Remaining Illusions…

(via salon.com)

(via salon.com)

…that life is fair or that the United States of America’s justice system maintains any semblance of integrity…let’s consider the case of John Kiriakou.

Kiriakou is the former CIA analyst/case officer sentenced to 30 months in federal prison for…well…whistleblowing.  He wrongly disclosed the name of a CIA agent to a reporter (the name was NEVER relseased) in the context of expressing his concerns that the CIA and the Bush Administration was conducting an illegal torture program…waterboarding.

You can parse this a couple ways…yes, he broke the law, he admits this. There was no negative consequence, no threat incurred by his release of the agent’s name. The threat he incurred, the hornet’s nest he unleashed, was the result of being an American employee of a federal agency who had the guts to call bullshit on a policy that ran counter to everything we stand for as a country…torture.

The politics of torture can be debated another day. The bottom line is that it is immoral at best and illegal at worst…by our own friggin’ standards it’s illegal. Kiriakou calls this out and he is imprisoned. NONE of the spymasters or Administration/Justice Department officials have been indicted for this crime. Not one. None.

Having spent a career as a public servant in a government agency, I am acutely familiar with how difficult it is to break the culture of silence inherent in these organizations. Kiriakou did so at tremendous personal and professional risk.

He now sits in prison. Not the federal facility  (a low security “camp” that prosecutors and his defense team and the judge agreed upon) but a “prison”.

If you have retained a shred of faith in the justice system and concepts of propriety and fairness to now…consider our prison industrial complex. Mr. Kiriakou has offered up a fascinating narrative of his experience thus far. It is rife with the cultural and racial realities of prison life and most presciently, exposes the culture of dehumanization so common in these facilities. The prisoners are human beings folks…to allow their dehumanization while we turn a blind eye to it inflicts much more injury to our national consciousness than theirs individually. Disagree? Why don’t we just line them up and shoot them then…as so brilliantly stated in Eugene Jarecki’s masterful film, “The House I Live In” we are witnessing “the Holocaust in slow motion”.

We are better than this.

We have imprisoned the guy that tries to do the right thing and thrown him into a cesspool of penal dysfunction.

And the men and women who committed the original crime rest comfortably in the vacancy of their souls.

I can hear the clinking of the ice in their cocktail glasses now…


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