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Sochi 2014: What We (I) Learned



  • USA  Men’s Hockey teased the hell out of us with a dominant offensive performance in the early rounds…only to choke on both sides of the ice in their last two, critical games.
  • USA Women’s Hockey suffered one of the single-most heartbreaking defeats I have ever witnessed. After being less than four minutes from gold against their bitter rival, Canada, the ladies gave up two goals and fell in overtime. Hard to watch.
  • Bode Miller is human but still has game. Ted Ligety is unnaturally good in the slalom…what a ride.
  • Mikaela Shiffrin will be around for a while. What a combination of intellect, natural skill, and sheer muscle memory.
  • Skeleton, Luge, and Bobsled remains way cool.
  • Gracie Gold was not.
  • Yuna Kim is as graceful and humble as a superstar gets.
  • Putin remains a tool.
  • Bob Costas…where do I begin. The master of self-aggrandizement leveraged his pink-eye into a national “thing”. What the hell? Oh, and then he continued his entirely inappropriate political rants during the “games”. For the record, I generally agree with his views, I just despise listening to them interrupt why I’m here in the first place: to watch men and women who have dedicated their lives to competition. It’s not all about you Bob.
  • Oh, and Bob…one other thing…we don’t button the bottom button of a sportcoat…c’mon buddy, step it up.
  • Johnny Weir’s false eyelashes…the guy is a fashion freak but a remarkably astute commentator.
  • Which brings me to the commercials:
    • Cadillac: The dude that casually glorifies the “superior” American work ethic. This one has received some criticism for advancing an obscene commercial ethic. I, again, generally agree with that criticism. The pursuit of “stuff” is at times obscene. But on this one, it’s get’s a pass for genuine swag factor and score. (ten point style deduction though for allowing the actor to…yes…button the bottom button on that nice suit…when he turns back to camera, the vent separates…the entire reason we never do that. A critical stylistic error here and a severe indictment of the ad agency that produced the spot).
    • McDonalds: The McCafe spot. I don’t think I’ve EVER been creeped out as much by a piece of television. A woman, who later turns out to be a McDonalds employee, offers a McCafe something-or -other to women “having a bad day”. Except her bizarre head tilt and nasally “enjoy” brings this to the level of Texas Chainsaw Massacre creepiness. Don’t believe me? Watch it once. Experience nightmares for a lifetime. You’ve been warned.
    • Chevy Equinox: Here’s the dude that apparently has an epic night with his “bros” and then decides to check with “Siri” to see if he has any messages in the car with his wife. A dumbass like this deserves to get busted by Siri for pulling a bonehead move like this. Mancard revoked.

Summary: I spend way too much time watching TV and way too little time studying for my Western Civ and English class…thank God these thing only come around every four years…

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