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A “Coarse” Correction…

Well it’s certainly not the outcome I’d hoped for. Nor expected. In fact, in my wildest dreams I didn’t think this clown would be elected president. I thought we were better than that…actually I still do (see below). Before I get to the heart of the matter though, I have to say, I’m not ENTIRELY surprised. Since the advent of “hate” style politics championed by Ronald Reagan, through the advent of Faux News and the unbridled partisan vitriol of Karl Rove and the like, we have seen a burgeoning class of disaffected, generally poorly educated, voters that feel as if the system needs to change. I agree. It does. But electing a misogynistic, racist, sexual predator with absolutely no qualifications did not seem to be the way to do it…or was it?

I am very angry at those that voted for this change. By voting for the candidate of the KKK you have effectively endorsed the antithesis of every principle that our nation was founded on. I am most sad today for those young men and woman who so bravely sacrificed their lives…that today a reality show clown will be their commander-in-chief.

But despite all this there are silver linings. The majority voted against this hatred. And although the electoral college will elect Trump, perhaps the next four years is our wake up call. If it is not…if it does inspire you to take action and correct this mess we find ourselves in…well then, we deserve this.

I for one plan to take action. I will NOT let this country go down in flames unchallenged. I have often disagreed with Michael Moore, but his insight on this election, and specifically the pathos that carried Trump to victory is startling.

And Moore provides his own call to action. One that I personally plan on implementing. Now:

Morning After To-Do List:
1. Take over the Democratic Party and return it to the people. They have failed us miserably.
2. Fire all pundits, predictors, pollsters and anyone else in the media who had a narrative they wouldn’t let go of and refused to listen to or acknowledge what was really going on. Those same bloviators will now tell us we must “heal the divide” and “come together.” They will pull more hooey like that out of their ass in the days to come. Turn them off.
3. Any Democratic member of Congress who didn’t wake up this morning ready to fight, resist and obstruct in the way Republicans did against President Obama every day for eight full years must step out of the way and let those of us who know the score lead the way in stopping the meanness and the madness that’s about to begin.
4. Everyone must stop saying they are “stunned” and “shocked”. What you mean to say is that you were in a bubble and weren’t paying attention to your fellow Americans and their despair. YEARS of being neglected by both parties, the anger and the need for revenge against the system only grew. Along came a TV star they liked whose plan was to destroy both parties and tell them all “You’re fired!” Trump’s victory is no surprise. He was never a joke. Treating him as one only strengthened him. He is both a creature and a creation of the media and the media will never own that.
5. You must say this sentence to everyone you meet today: “HILLARY CLINTON WON THE POPULAR VOTE!” The MAJORITY of our fellow Americans preferred Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Period. Fact. If you woke up this morning thinking you live in an effed-up country, you don’t. The majority of your fellow Americans wanted Hillary, not Trump. The only reason he’s president is because of an arcane, insane 18th-century idea called the Electoral College. Until we change that, we’ll continue to have presidents we didn’t elect and didn’t want. You live in a country where a majority of its citizens have said they believe there’s climate change, they believe women should be paid the same as men, they want a debt-free college education, they don’t want us invading countries, they want a raise in the minimum wage and they want a single-payer true universal health care system. None of that has changed. We live in a country where the majority agree with the “liberal” position. We just lack the liberal leadership to make that happen (see: #1 above).

Let’s try to get this all done by noon today.
— Michael Moore

Thank you Mr. Moore…let’s get on this folks…before this “coarse” correction becomes a way of life.


Breaking News: There Are No Winners in the 2012 Election

The final Presidential debate this evening will likely create a poll-spike for whichever candidate “wins” the contest.  In November, we will be presented with the final “winner” (barring a Florida debacle, as this one may be close too).

I don’t see either party “winning” in November.  I’m hoping President Obama is reelected for reasons previously stated, but if he is, I won’t feel like we or I “won”.  Why not?  If experience is any guide, and recent experience is taken into account (Clinton second term) an Obama second term is sure to be rife with political discord and social ugliness.  I’ll be the first to admit that I am as entrenched in my positions and beliefs as the committed Republican voter.  I’ll also allow that I am willing to listen to reasoned and measured rhetoric from a centrist viewpoint.  I’m willing to vote Republican if they proffered a middle-of-the-road candidate.  Their party appears so fractured I don’t think I have to worry about that happening anytime soon…and therein lies my worry.  The conversation has become so fractured…there is very little compromise, agreement, compassion or empathy on either side of the aisle.

I’d like to think the next four years under President Obama will bring the kind of success, change and hope he promised in 2008.  I deeply believe he’d like to but I’m afraid what he will encounter instead is a widening fissure among the electorate and the elected representatives.  Hang on for four years of political in-fighting and worse.  With the influx of Neanderthal idiots such as Rep. Todd Akin, the landscape isn’t about to do a sudden moral about-face.  We are in for some tough times…politically and socially.

Don’t believe me?  Check out some of the hate speech and nasty rhetoric on the Right.  If their boy Romney isn’t elected, this (okay, I’m going to break a cardinal rule here and generalize) widely uneducated group of neocons will erupt in a media-frenzied cacophony of hate speech and half-truths…and many outright lies that will not be challenged by the (and I really despise this phrase) “mainstream media”.

We saw just a hint of it under Clinton when they latched onto Monicagate and rode that into impeachment proceedings…never mind his sexual pathos had NOTHING to do with his generalship of our nation.  Think that was ugly?  What’s likely to transpire next will make that seem like child’s play.

I believe we are on the cusp of this cultural war because I will feel just as passionate (but hopefully not as immature or reactive) if Romney is given the keys to the kingdom.  I believe that Presidency would ignite the sometimes long forgotten flame of liberalism that is generally relegated to the privacy of the voting booth.  I know I will take appropriate and legal action to make sure he remained a one-term President.

I wish it wasn’t like this.  I wish whoever is elected could garner a consensus of the populace and govern in a bipartisan manner. Those days are over.  We find that we come together as a nation in times of national tragedy, as in 9/11, but we also saw how short-lived that political capital is if it’s used spuriously.  Let’s hope it doesn’t take that kind of event to draw us together, but I sure don’t have a lot of optimism that this chasm will be bridged any time soon…


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